4 Seasons

A Happy New Year

Traditional rice cake making ceremony to celebrate new year is held during the first three days of January.
Guests are welcomed to join in rice cake making.
Fresh rice cakes with a variety of topping are served.

Snow View

Very artistic snow-covered views of Arai Ryokan.
It does not snow often in Shuzenji, so visits on snowy days by chance will bring guests a lots of luck.


The best season of plum blossoms.
AraiRyokanfs tea house is located at the famous Shuzenji Plum Grove.
During the Plum Festival season, the tea house is opened to public.


Cherry blossoms season starts.
Guestrooms of Kasumi Wing are one of the best viewing locations.
As the photo shows, full-bloomed cherry trees right outside the room perfom the world of beauty to decorate the interior.

April 21st

Priest Kobo Memorial Ceremony in spring.
During the ceremony, a priest of Shuzenji Temple scoops the hot spring water of Tokko no Yu to fill wood tubs which are carried by young girls parade in the town.
The name of Tokko no Yu drives from the legend that Priest Kobo struck a rock in the river to well up the spring.


It is the season when Araifs garden becomes very colorful.


Various kind of azalea decorates the garden.

July / August

Tall and big crap myrtle and silk trees at the pond garden.

August 21st

Fireworks to celebrate Priest Kobo Memorial Ceremony in autumn.


Traditional set of offering on Moon Viewing Day.
Autumn harvest on the left side tray
and dumplings on the right.
The number of dumplings differs between
a common year and a leap year.

October 18th

Hie Shrine annual festival.
Portable shrines parade visit each of ryokans in Shuzenji.
November / December

Foliage of maple trees in vivid colors.
Night time illumination creates the world of fantasy.