Conveniently located in the center of Shuzenji Hot Springs Resort in Izu-Hakone
Region. Arai Ryokan is a Japanese traditional style inn and widely known for its Japanese traditional architecture, art and history.
Since its establishment in 1872, Arai Ryokan has hosted many Japanese celebrated
artists, writers and kabuki actors such as Yokoyama Taikan and Nakamura Kichiemon the 1st. The 15 structures including the hot spring bath house are registered as the national registered cultural assets.
Also, the ryokan houses the excellent art collection.
Sightseeing spots is closely located, the spots such as Amagi known as the place of
famous novel “Dancing Girl of Izu” by Nobel Prize awarded Kawabata Yasunari, and
Mt. Daruma from where you can have a panoramic view of Mt. Fuji.
Shuzenji Temple, Bamboo Grove Lane and Shigetsuden Shrine have been ranked among Two Stars ★★ in MICHELIN “LE Guide Vert” (Green Guide) Japon 2009 & 2011

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★★★ Map of Shuzenji Onsen (English PDF) ★★★

Carte de Shuzenji Onsen (Français PDF)

地圖修善寺溫泉的 (中國 PDF)

แผนที่ของ Shuzenji Onsen (ไทย PDF)

Map of Shuzenji Onsen (Korean PDF)

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Spa Rooms Phote Gallery Seasons Cuisine Access
Shuzenji Temple
Shuzenji Hot Springs and Neighboring Areas
Walking Courses

Shuzenji Temple Michelin ★★
One of the oldest structures in eastern Japan. The temple was founded by a great priest
Kukai in 1200 years ago. Historical valuable items, including the Buddhist scriptures, are displayed in The Treasure Hall.

Hie Shrine
Located next to Shuzenji Temple. The shrine was built to guard Shuzenji Temple. A pair
of giant oak tree, 25 meters high and 5.5 meters round, is cultural assets registered by
Shizuoka Prefecture.

The oldest wooden structure in the Izu area. A library built for dedication and storage of
of Buddhist sutras by Hojo Masako, the mother of the shogun Minamoto-no Yoriie who
was assassinated in Shuzenji.

Bamboo Grove                       Michelin ★★  
  A romantic path along the Katsura River. The contrast of colors created by the bamboo
grove rising into the sky and the red bridges parapets evokes the beauty of Japanese scenery like that of Kyoto.
Kawara Yu
New foot spa opened in 2010. Located on the bank of Katsura River. One of the best spots to rest during the walking course.

Tokko no Yu
Located on the bed of the Katsura River. The oldest hot spring in Izu Peninsula and the landmark of Shuzenji Hot Springs. The name derives from the legend that the hot spring
water sprang from a rock which the great priest Kukai struck with an iron club(tokko).    

Hie Shrine

Bamboo Grove

 Tokko no Yu

Niji No Sato Natural Park
Niji No Sato Natural Park
Located in the hill about 2,5km from Hot Springs area. Romney Railway and Romney Bus operates in the spacious park to link Japanese garden, Izu Village, Canadian Village,
British Village, Japanese Craft Village. Good location to view Mt. Fuji.
Mt. Fuji
Mt. Daruma
The best spot to view panoramic Suruga Bay and snow-capped Mt. Fuji. Located at the
west end of Shuzenji, about 8.5 km from Hot Springs.
   Trip advisor gave 2016 Certificate of Excellence prize to us

We regret that we are unable to accommodate guests who do not understand Japanese or English (at a basic level). In addition, any guests who disturb the peace or make a nuisance of themselves may be asked to leave, regardless of the circumstances. Upon making a reservation, you agree to abide by these conditions. Our requests are necessary for ensuring mutual understanding and creating a comfortable atmosphere during your stay. We thank you for your co-operation. 

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